See some of the finds from our dig and find out what they tell us about the people who lived at Wintringham in the past.

Finds from the 2019 - 2021 excavations

A middle Iron Age loom weight, which would have applied tension to threads when weaving cloth.
A middle Iron Age timber ‘log ladder’ found preserved at the bottom of a waterhole or well.
An early Anglo-Saxon bone comb when it was first lifted from the ground
An Anglo-Saxon pottery vessel, found in a hole originally dug for a timber post.

Finds from the 2022 excavation

More coming soon...

A tiny Early Roman brooch. The blue patina suggests it is made of copper alloy which has oxidised after nearly 2,000 years in the ground.
A whorl used as a weight on a drop spindle, for spinning fibres such as wool into yarn. The spindle whorl is made of ceramic, and may have originally been part of a Roman Samian ware pottery vessel.
The rim of a Roman storage pot. The fragments were found together in the ground.
Fragments of a cow skull, found together - along with one sherd (fragment) of pottery which should help date it.
An early Bronze Age flint knife, found in a much later Iron Age roundhouse ditch.
A quern stone used for milling cereal grain into flour. This one is made of Hertfordshire puddingstone.
A selection of Roman pottery found in the same archaeological feature.