The rain finally got us today! Unfortunately, a wet and claggy day saw us off site, but only an hour early after the rain finally seeped through everyone’s waterproof trousers! Everyone deserves a pat on the back for making some fantastic progress even through some less-than-ideal conditions.

Taking shelter from the rain. Thank goodness for tea and coffee

In Trench A after a photogrammetry job this morning the crack team of Linda, Bob, Jane and Jan opened a fresh trench, fully de-turfed and completely cleaned, all in a day, with the help of Liz and Unity. After this was completed another new trench was outlined and half de-turfed before the end of the day by Andy, Katie and Bob. This trench will be looking at the relationship between the enclosure wall and the cross wall of the longhouse as well as taking in some of the interior of the building.

De-turfing and cleaning begins in Trench D

In Trench B Perry continued taking out tumble and deposits down to bedrock whilst looking for a potential doorway. This trench looks very soon to be finished, unsurprising with the speedy and experienced team we have this year!

Whilst in Trench C, over the northern corner of the trench which has a considerable depth of deposits, with the slot through the deposits almost at bedrock, the team today moved onto the front north-eastern wall of the building. This slot will show us the construction of the wall and hopefully provide us an opportunity to date the construction. Today’s excavations hinted that there may be a cut for the wall in this area which we could possibly retrieve some soil samples and perhaps some datable material. Todays find of the day was another bullet!

Work started in Trench C looking for the construction and possible date of the front north-eastern wall
Weather starting to move in and looking very grim

Thanks to the team for working so hard even though our socks were soggy!