Andy Phelps and Hannah Kingsbury examining one of the prehistoric clearance cairns, against the backdrop of the Howgills

The Little Asby Community Excavation programme is under way. The official start is on 4th September, when we will be welcoming lots of enthusiastic volunteers, but today we went up to visit the sites for a Recce. The weather was fine, the sites were looking great and we established that we could get a 4x4 vehicle to most of the sites, which will make the whole process of schlepping all the tools up to the sites so much easier.

The excavation programme will be looking at a range of different sites, from medieval long houses to prehistoric round houses, and of course the ubiquitous clearance cairn, we will also be showing the volunteers the complex landscapes that cover the common, and Mairead Rutherford will be looking at the potential for taking pollen cores at Sunbiggin Tarn.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.